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Corporate Sustainability

At NARAYAN ORGANICS , we strongly believe that along with corporate growth and profitability, we have to fulfil our commitment towards Environment Protection, Societal Goals and Socio-Economic development.

At Narayan Our Ongoing Commitments Are :-

1.Development of production processes which generate less waste.
2.Move towards Renewable Energy sources and contribute
towards reduction in carbon footprint.
3.Technological Improvement of waste water treatment facilities.
4.Recycling of waste materials.

Our Promise To The Planet

Our Group company Narayan Industries is the first Pigments producer in India with 100% of its Power consumption coming from Renewable Energy. The company has installed 1.8MW Solar Power Plant and 1.25MW Wind Mill in Gujarat, India

Our target is to meet energy requirement of all our manufacturing plants from Renewable Energy.

We are also engaged in several charitable activities influencing education, health and re-organizing living conditions that help improve the quality of life of people in cities in and around our production sites.

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