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Corporate Sustainability

At Narayan Organics Pvt .Ltd., we fully comprehend our responsibility towards society. We continuously look for ways to integrate social responsibilities into our business strategy, and take everyday business decisions with social and environmental considerations.

A ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000: 2015 certified company, we have formed stringent processes that incorporate Environment protection, Occupational Health and Safety standards, and disaster prevention guidelines. As part of the chemical industry, we understand the importance of ensuring that all our processes, products and effluent discharge and emissions comply with government environmental regulations.

We also provide knowledge and training to all our employees on our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy. Furthermore, our production facilities are semi-automated, helping reduce pollution and we continuously focus on moving toward more efficient production techniques that ensure reduction of wastage, while providing healthier working conditions.

We have taken small but significant steps towards building a culture of social responsibility and corporate sustainability. While most of our recent efforts have been focused on bettering our ecosystem through our own production practices, we are also working towards promoting and participating in various ‘green’ initiatives, and contributing back to the communities around us.

EHS Policy

We at Narayan Organics Pvt Ltd. shall ensure that safety and health of all personnel within our control as well as reduction of pollutants as one of our highest priorities. To this end, Hercules Pigments shall identify all possible risks posed to personnel in our premises as well as environmental impacts and wherever possible, eliminate or take actions to mitigate them. We shall strive to continually improve our EHS Management systems while complying with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.